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Organic Eco Dryer Balls
Organic Eco Dryer Balls
Organic Eco Dryer Balls
Organic Eco Dryer Balls

Organic Eco Dryer Balls

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Want to shorten your drying time by as much as 25%?!!

Made from premium organic sheep wool our Eco Dryer Balls naturally absorb water from fabrics and separate your clothes allowing hot air to circulate more freely meaning clothes dry much faster. Each ball will last hundreds of uses so you can be kind to both your wallet and the planet and save big $$$ on your electric bill.

They also:

  • keep your sheets from tangling into a knot
  • remove pet hair and lint
  • soften and fluff fabrics
  • reduce static.

Available in bundles of:

  • 3 x XL balls for small to medium loads
  • 6 x XL balls for heavy or large loads    

Both bundles come with a custom reusable calico storage bag.

You can also choose to include a 20ml bottle of fragrance oil, a few drops applied to one of the balls will add your favourite scent to your load.

Please leave a note at the Checkout of your fragrance choice. (see Fragrance Menu at the top of the page for full fragrance options)

** If NO fragrance is selected our top-selling laundry fragrance Clean Cotton will be supplied.


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